Natural Skincare Tips – hydration

Hi and welcome to this week’s FrancSkincareTip – hydration!

Hydration is a topic that I am passionate about as it also ties in with last week’s tip on scarring and the most important topic of anti-aging which is such a focus in our society. I have written a few blogs on this topic you may like to refer back to, in particular to this one.

So what is hydration? It means to add moisture, to restore and maintain fluid balance in the skin.

Something, I have come to realise over the years is that no matter what age we are, we need to keep our skin hydrated. And that also means oily skin. (more in another weekly tip).

So what excatly does hydration do to our skin: it makes our skin look healthier, smoother and plumper rather than flaky, tight and dull emphasising the aging process. It helps in reducing those pesky fine lines and wrinkles. It protects our skin from environmental influences, such as dirt, grime, smoke, weather – extreme hot and cold temperatures. Health can also affect the appearance of your skin. From experience, my skin and hair lost a lot of moisture after a 3 hour operation. The aneasthetic did not do wonders to my skin. So hydration became a vital part of my recovery for not only my skin but also my scars.

Turning the clock back is not possible, as it is a natural process for our skin to lose its elasticity and tone, so hydration becomes all the more important.

Tip for the week: hydrate on a daily basis.

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