Can you believe Christmas is only a few weeks away? Most of us I’m sure still have our heads in the sand pretending it’s not really happening. And how do you have a radiant Christmas inside and out as well?

Having radiant Christmas skin and high energy is important

As with every Christmas, there will be plenty of partying, going out, eating, drinking, and having fun with lots of stress and high emotions. There is something about this time of year that we love to indulge and enjoy all the deliciousness of Christmas fare.

My favourite for this time of year is Christmas pies. My mother had the best recipe. And once we made 120 for an afternoon tea. You should have seen our production line. Now, I’m going off track.

Not only that there will be late nights, lots of makeup, but our daily routine will also go out the window. And this will affect our energies and our skin. What to do?

I’ve created a list of things for you to do that are easy to implement and keep doing once all the celebrating has come to an end.

  1. Put up one or two Christmas decorations that you love
    whether it be handmade or bought from somewhere special
    something you can look at that makes you smile when all you want to do is scream
  2. Take 5 minutes each day for yourself
    pause and take a couple of deep breaths
    (here’s an easy to listen to relaxation meditation)
  3. Give your energy an extra boost
    do some form of movement or exercise – a great time to dance to your favourite Christmas carols
  4. Keep a glass of water at hand at all times
    this helps keep fine lines in check and your body nicely hydrated
    (add some lemon or watermelon to make it yummy and act as a diuretic)
  5. Remove makeup each night
    it’s important to give your skin a breather ready for the next day
    (use my cleanser)
  6. Go makeup free where possible for glowing and radiant skin
    when you are having your quiet time give your skin a rest, too
  7. Use Franc serum for an extra boost at nighttime
    this is your sleeping beauty bestie, the work is being done as you sleep
    (here is the link to purchase yours)
  8. Be kind to yourself and choose how you want to respond
    yes, you will be driven mad by family and you can choose how to respond
    (create a mantra and repeat it when you need)
  9. Enjoy using essential oils to get you into the mood
    use orange, cinnamon, and clove to help you have a wonderful Christmas
    these are uplifting and happy oils
  10. Have quiet time to re-energise
    we all need is a few moments of peace and quiet to collect our thoughts and emotions
    (find a sanctuary somewhere in your home or garden)

And have the most amazing Christmas. If you have any other suggestions, please share in the comments so we all can see what else we could do.

Love you to share this with anyone you think would benefit from these ideas.