Roasted, toasted or plain nuts are delicious and nutritious. There are so many health benefits to bringing nuts into your life. Furthermore, there are so many ways you can eat them and add to your delicious creations.

They are a great snack food. A wonderful addition to soups and loaves of bread. They are excellent fillers for sauces and gravies. You can blend them in a smoothie to add extra nutrition and a nutty taste. They are tasty in stuffings and sprinkled over salads.  Add them to your favourite stirfry. Make nut butter to spread on bread, apples and pears. And someone introduced this idea to me a while ago: Use roasted chestnuts in place of potato at evening meals. The list goes on and on.

What to look out for when buying and using nuts?

  1. Buy nuts from a place that has high turnover. I love going to smaller outlets with character and give you that extra experience. Here in Perth my partner and I love going to the Kakulas Brothers because it reminds me so much of living in Europe. The aromas and choice are amazing. And there produce is always fresh. We always come out with more than we planned.
  2. Buy less and more frequently so there is less chance of them going rancid and off.
  3. Once home put your nuts into airtight containers and store them up to a month at room temperature. After that pop them in the fridge or freezer. This also prolongs shelf life for up to six months. This is due to the high percentage of oil making them go rancid more quickly in summer months.
  4. Use raw or dry roasted nuts rather than those cooked in oil.
  5. I love using nut oils in a salad dressing, however, they have less fibre in them. Sometimes I use them in cooking being aware of the fact that they can become bitter when overheated.

the benefit of nuts

They are full of nutrients and contain monounsaturated fat – similar to extra virgin olive oil which is considered a healthy fat when consumed in moderation. Nuts are also rich in protein, fibre, and loaded with antioxidants contributing to a healthy heart and lowering cholesterol.

Because nuts are low in carbs, they shouldn’t raise blood sugar levels too much. Substituting nuts for higher-carb foods can contribute to reduced sugar levels.

What I learnt when I was looking into this more was that when you soak them in water they swell and are more filling. This way you eat less and have fewer hunger pangs during the day. And possibly lose weight as a consequence. Bonus!

However, what I was also told was that even though the benefit of nuts outweigh the negative, eating too many can contribute to a high-calorie intake. As with a lot of things, eat them in moderation so you can still enjoy them to your heart’s content.

Nuts are also packed with healthy vitamins to give your skin:

a natural and smooth looking glow
to keep your skin nice and plump which helps reduce those wrinkles and fine lines
to help ward off free damaging radicals
in addition, to improve skin elasticity
they help increase skin hydration and
delay the signs of ageing
they also repair connective tissues and
aid in maintaining the collagen levels essential for glowing skin

What is there not to like about nuts!

As you can see nuts are a healthy plant food due to their high content of healthy fats, protein and fibre. This is only the beginning. Enjoy getting started on introducing nuts into your daily food intake. Please consult a health practitioner if you want further information and what suits your needs.

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