I don’t know about you, however, I love kickstarting my day with a warm glass of lemon water. It just sets the day for me as I start off the way I intend to be all day – healthy and vibrant. I find it easy as I don’t drink coffee. However, I would still enjoy your coffee, but after the fact. Tough, I know.

benefits of lemon water

Here are some of the reasons why lemon water is considered beneficial to your health and your skin because it:

  • promotes hydration as you will drink more during the day
  • flushes out toxins
  • helps maintain your immune system
  • is a great source of Vitamin C as it is an anti-oxidant that helps prevent cells being damaged by free radicals keeping your skin looking fresh and giving it a beautiful glow
  • improves your skin quality as it may help reduce fine lines and wrinkles through the production of collagen
  • aids digestion by preventing constipation and getting your digestive system moving
  • aids in the production of digestive juices
  • helps cure the common cold
  • reduces stress levels and improves your mood as it is calming in nature
  • if you can substitute your coffee with lemon water you won’t experience those morning crashes

And if drinking lots of water during the day isn’t always easy as you get too busy, prefer coffee or caffeinated drinks as pick me ups or basically forget to drink the required amount. To make it more palatable add some lemon pieces in a jug of water and place it on your desk with your favourite glass. And if this is too acidic for you also add a sprig of mint or some fresh ginger. It is important not to use a lemon substitute. Please note that you need to squeeze at least 1/2 a lemon to make it worthwhile. Delice!

Additional facts

Did you know that one cup of lemon juice provides 187% (112mm) of your daily Vitamin C intake? And it has only 63 calories and 3gr of sugar? Zero fat and 3gr of protein? That may be important to some of you who have to be aware of food intake. I know for my partner we need to be mindful of his GI count due to being borderline diabetic. So every little bit counts.

Why wait. Get started tomorrow and enjoy the benefits of your daily warm lemon water in a special mug or glass.

Remember to lead your life with zest!