Who doesn’t love a celebration? I know I do. And I want to celebrate with you.

in the gorgeous lavender fields is where it all started

It all began 18 years ago when I was standing in the lavender fields of Southern France that the seed for Franc Essential was planted somewhere in the deep dark recesses of my creative brain.

I was already a trained Clinical Aromatherapist enjoying working with friends and clients with massage and Reiki. And seeing firsthand the powerful effects essential oils had on them physically as well as emotionally. Then I had my own very personal experience that cemented the idea of how could I get this to a wider audience so they can experience what I am?

Through a natural skin care range. This is the way I could bring this magic to you.

And there I was standing in the middle of these colourful lavender fields feeling so soothed by their energies after the unexpected loss of my father. It took a life-changing experience to finally get me there. So when the opportunity presented itself to visit my Grandmother to be with her on the first anniversary and the dates of the retreat coincided I jumped at it.

Wow is all I can say. I had always been intuitively aware of the healing nature of my surroundings and felt a strong connection with the force of powerful beauty enveloping me. This was also instilled in me whilst living in Switzerland as a child.

Fast forward 6 years. It happened.

The seed began to grow and develop in such a beautiful way. When I did my market research on what frustrated you most about purchasing products was the fact that:

  • there was too much choice
  • brands were too complicated
  • too expensive
  • too many steps
  • and above all not doing what they claimed
  • with inaccurate ingredient labelling

What were we really using on our beautiful skin? In addition, there was this real interest and sense of using nature’s gifts and to protect nature as well. What a great project to embark on, something I could get my teeth into, be passionate about, and save the world!!!!

Or the environment at least. And our skin and health naturally. Look where we are all now. The market has changed so much since those fledgeling days.

And I still am being ‘Franc’ with you.

Because there is now so much more noise out there and claims still being made that simply aren’t true. They are appealing to our emotions and insecurities about wanting to look younger and younger. And not honouring who we are.

Back to my story.

It took a while to sift through a mass of information, decipher it, interpret it and whittle it down to what is now Franc Essential – a reliable, honest, smart, effective and easy to use range with no frills created for the modern woman. It is natural and essential to your skin.

Yet, how should I convey this message to you? Through the packaging and name. They tell the story, set the scene, invite you in, to tell your own story, to try it, why do I want to use this range, what is this all about, how can I relate to it. “Il faut gouter tout ca” my French grandmother used to say about life – savour life, taste it, feel it, smell it, and touch it.

It’s now up to you to create your own story around it.

Even after all these years, my desire is stronger than ever for us women to love being who we are no matter our age. We are all beautiful. What this range does is connect you to that beauty – inner and outer.

‘she who feels beautiful is free’.

Because when we feel beautiful we feel confident, strong, and empowered to walk out our front door to enjoy our day.

As you take pleasure in looking after your skin with your mindful beauty ritual, also enjoy the products subtle aroma, the sensation of the cream on your skin, and the elegant and stylish packaging. Take pride in it yourself knowing it is FRANC. What you see, feel, and read, is what you get.

Above all, I wanted a range you could relate to and be proud of and you would love using. In addition, I wanted the whole packaging to represent this: beauty, confidence, connection, pride, joy, goodness, style, elegance, simplicity, and commitment to you, your skin, and the environment. And I believe this has been achieved.

When you purchase these gorgeous products have trust and confidence you will get the results you desire: balance, glowing and deeply hydrated skin.

If you don’t try, you will never know. And get pleasure out of using them each day.

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