Chantal has an absolute passion for giving back to the community.

Through Franc Essential and now with Unfold Your Freedom, Chantal has made the most of her opportunities to fundraise, support and be an advocate for various charities and good works.

Along with her philanthropic ventures, Chantal is actively involved in the Perth business community and also mentors women in business through her free online community – The Mindful Entrepreneur – an online support group for women in business to share experience and learn mindfulness and clarity from Chantal.

Recognising one’s own good fortune means a shift in the way we can help others. Chantal feels honoured to have been able to support these causes:

Chantal has combined her years of experience with owning an international skin care brand, her entrepreneurial skills, experience in meditation, mindfulness, reiki, and tapping to create The Mindful Entrepreneur. This online support group is for women in business to bring focus into their day and move away from being on “auto pilot”.

Buying Time Fundraiser for Breast Cancer Care WA and the Mcgrath Foundation

As I had been supporting Breast Cancer Care WA for many years initially professionally and then personally as well, it was without much hesitation that I accepted to support the Buying Time fundraiser.

Buying Time was a workplace fundraiser striving to employ more Breast Care Nurses while providing practical support for those with breast cancer across WA.

While many participating businesses took advantage of their large employee pool to help their fundraising efforts along, I decided to organise a luncheon and engage the local community and other small business owners to support me in this venture.

Dozens of businesses and people, in particular passionate, intelligent, female business owners took up the call and together we raised the third highest amount for this worthwhile charity. It took on a whole life of its own with so many people from all walks of life willing to donate either their time, their skill or gifts for the silent auction and door prizes and purchase tickets to attend. It was truly exceptional to see the community come together to create this magical day. And the weather was outstanding on the day to get all frocked up.

Watch the video here.

Jump for Jane for Breast Cancer Care WA

I began supporting the Breast Cancer Care WA early 2010 after a chance meeting with Ros Worthington back in 2009.  Ros used a variety of the Franc Essential products and was so impressed that she was willing to give her support to me. This led to the start of a heartfelt connection between the two of us.

I wanted to support Ros and the amazing work she does with Breast Cancer Care WA.  When you are unwell you still want to feel nurtured and able to do something nice for yourself that makes you feel good.  More and more women who are dealing with health issues such as breast cancer are also looking for natural products to use on their face and body.  I realised that the products I’d created were just right because they do make you feel good about yourself and they don’t add any additional stress to a body already dealing with the stressful challenges of illness.

As time went on I also supported the foundation on a personal level as well. So much so that when an email was sent out suggesting funds and awareness be raised by tandem jumping out of a plane, I leapt at the opportunity to do so. This was a small thing to do, compared to those going through cancer. I was called mad and an idiot. However, this did not stop me from taking a big leap of faith for an amazing cause. And those around me helped me rise to the challenge of raising the required amount and overcoming my fears as they were relieved I was doing the jump and not them.

The Breast Cancer Care Western Australia Inc aims to be a light of inspiration and hope to all affected by breast cancer through support, education and awareness.

Founded in 2000 by Ros Worthington OAM, the Foundation aimed to improve the quality of life for women living with breast cancer. In just 7 years the growth of the Foundation now sees it broadening services to support men, families and the Indigenous community. The Foundation also raises awareness throughout the Western Australian community and educates the younger generations on the importance of early detection.

For more information about the Breast Cancer Care WA and to find out how you can support them please refer to their website.

Watch me Jump for Jane in 2014.

Peter Hughes Burn Foundation

It is amazing who you meet along the way in life. Through a chance happening, I meet Peter Hughes, one of the Bali Bombing survivors. What an incredible man to give the way he has to support others, despite what he went through. It was very humbling both personally and professionally.

This says it all:
‘Hi, I am Peter Hughes. I found this new sensational product called Franc Essential I use the Melt and I also use the Serum. I found since the Bali Bombings. I have had to try many different products I guess that we need for our skin, especially my skin, obviously having been 54% burnt. I have had to look after myself a little bit more than normal. I came across this Franc Essential product which was introduced to me a couple of years ago and to be honest I thought these things weren’t real but it obviously works with me.

It is very smooth. It is very good for my skin doesn’t leave marks so I can sort of put it on and it shows that I don’t have this sort of oily type feeling. It is just nice, it is soft and I recommend it for anybody that not only just has burned skin or any sort of other sort of problem with the skin, even people with normal skin. I believe that it works for not only people like me but also for normal people probably also need some protection in terms of where they need to, especially with the sun and obviously if they need it for another reason. So I use it all the time. It spreads a long way, it goes a long way and I believe that it works for me so please try.’

The Peter Hughes Burn Foundation was for eight years a not for profit registered charity that exists to support the needs of trauma survivors and their families in the ongoing processes of emotional, physical, psychological and social rehabilitation.

Abseil for Princess Margaret Children’s Hospital 2016

How far would you go to push your boundaries and step out of your comfort zone? How far would you step into a situation like tackling a fear of heights?

When I saw this abseil event down one of the tallest buildings in my home town, Perth, for our children’s hospital; PMH on a friend’s facebook page, I surprised myself again by signing up. Last time was skydiving for Breast Cancer Care WA  to raise much needed funds. I am not normally an adrenaline junkie, however, these two causes hit me in the heart when they popped up in my inbox.

Children’s health has become a matter close to my heart since welcoming my partner’s grandson into our lives. He’s been taken to hospital a couple of times in his first year of life, and fortunately not for serious illness. I felt undeniably strongly about the wonderful care given to him and his parents during these visits.

On the other hand, I know undertaking this event will take me far out of my comfort zone. I am pushing my own understanding and beliefs of who I am – as a woman, a business woman, and a powerful human. I am testing myself and my mind.

To challenge myself even further, I set a goal higher than the expected $500 per participant. I decided to raise $2000 for PMH. And I came in at $1670.

For more information about The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation, please refer to their website.

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