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Listed below are our honest answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

What makes Franc different to other skin care products?

The premium natural ingredients used by Franc have a composition similar to that of the skin and are naturally occurring skin compounds. As a consequence, they have the ability to penetrate beyond the surface of skin, acting as a carrier rather than a barrier. By contrast, harmful chemical (cosmetic) ingredients are aggressive and non penetrative, leaving a film on the skin’s surface, clogging the pores and eventually drying the skin even further. Historically such ingredients are used due to their low cost, rather than considerations of efficacy or safety.

Are your products truly natural?

Yes, and in addition, we use organic ingredients where possible. Top grade raw, natural ingredients are used, with no fillers or bulking agents. Franc prides itself on using an extremely low percentage of the mildest synthetic preservative available, combining this with natural preservatives to increase product life in the gentlest way we could find. When we say our products are natural we mean it.

When can a product be called ‘natural’?

Trade regulations state that only 1-5% of ingredients need to be truly pure and natural for a product to be labelled as such. A great number of skin products claiming to be natural actually bring little benefit to the skin. This, combined with the vast choice and confusion over products and brands with chemical and other toxic ingredients being labelled using names that sound safe or natural became some of the reasons the Franc range was launched. We aim to become synonymous with integrity and safe, responsible skin care.

What preservative do you use and why?

A combination of natural grapefruit seed extract, sodium hydroxymethylglycinate and synthetic potassium sorbate prevents the growth of bacteria, mould and rancidity. In addition this also extends the products shelf life and maintains the quality and integrity of the natural ingredients so that they are at their best for you for their lifetime of use.

Are all the ingredients listed?

All our ingredients have been listed in ascending order of the percentage used, as required by law. No botanical names have been used, so our ingredient list is easy to read and understand.

What labeling controls are used in Australia?

While listing of ingredient in the amounts they are used is controlled, unfortunately there are no controls or standards for the use of terms on labels. Some companies take advantage of this by using, for example, ‘derivative of coconut oil’ to describe sodium lauryl sulfate to make it sound natural. Sodium lauryl sulfate is used as a detergent, emulsifier, surfactant (holding water and oil together) and is harsh, irritating and drying to the skin and hair. It is often combined with TEA, an anti-irritant ingredient to reduce its potential for sensitivity. When you read our labels you know exactly what is in our products.

How do I store my products?

Where possible, store products at 30°C or below and away from heat and direct sunlight.

Why is the Franc system a relatively small range of products?

Franc’s effectiveness as a skin care system lies in its simplicity. It is designed to be easy to use so that you will be encouraged to use it regularly, thus ensuring you experience the best possible results for your skin.

Can I buy your product in bulk?

Once you have fallen in love with the Franc range, it may be practical for you to buy in bulk, transfer some of the product into the smaller containers and store the rest in the fridge. This also helps the environment by reusing the jars and bottles.

How long will it take to improve my skin?

It takes time for your skin cells to regenerate. Exactly how long it takes for your skin to improve will depend on your skin’s condition when you begin. Over a period of time, regular use of our product will result in vast improvements to your skin.

I have heard that my skin may get worse before it gets better.

As your skin adapts to our natural ingredients, it will cleanse itself and release its toxins, so for a short time your skin’s condition may appear to get worse. This is temporary and rather than a signal for alarm, is proof that you are on your way to excellent skin health.

How much product should I use on my skin?

Initially, your skin may absorb the product quickly. However, over time, as your skin adapts, you will find that you require less and less product – which makes our range very cost effective! It is best to avoid using too much product at first, as this will overload the skin and could cause breakouts. In a short time you will get used to the amount that suits your skin and feel confident using your Franc products every time We generally find that the phrase ‘less is more’ is a great place to start.

Do I need to reapply Franc products throughout the day?

As all our natural ingredients are interactive and concentrated, their effects are extremely long lasting. We expect the effects to last an average of up to 8-10 hours. Unlike other products, your skin will not feel caked at the end of the day if you are wear make up after applying Franc products as part of your skin care regime.

Can all family members use the range? Is it safe for children and teenagers?

The range has been created in such a way that the whole family can benefit – which makes it cost effective to buy in large quantities. We do recommend that children be over the age of 9 before they use our products. We also feel it important that each family member select the moisturiser specifically designed for his or her individual skin type. We are able to help with this selection if you are not sure what product is best for your family member or even your friend.

Is the range suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, the range is particularly suitable for this skin type. Franc does not use the harmful chemicals and alcohols used in cosmetics, shampoos and conditioners that contribute to skin becoming sensitive.

Will Franc products get rid of / lighten the age spots on my face / hands?

No, age spots will not be erased. Over time, they may possibly lighten in colour.

Can I use Franc under my eyes?

Yes, our products may be used under the delicate eye area. We do recommend that you massage this area very lightly and use minimal product. The great news for you is that we have an incredible product that is actually perfect for using around the eye area – ‘Franc Verve’ (previously known as ‘Franc Vital’).

Does Franc remove makeup?

Our cleanser removes all makeup with the exception of waterproof eyeliner. To remove stubborn makeup traces, you may need to cleanse twice. You may require cotton wool or cotton buds to remove stubborn makeup.

Can I still use my perfume or aftershave?

Yes. The fragrance in Franc products is light, non-clingy and non-combative.

Can I exchange a Franc product if does not help?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. For this reason, we give you as much detailed information as possible to assist you in making an informed decision. A refund policy is in place if the product is faulty only.

Do you require different products for different times of the year?

Yes, this may occur, as the seasons naturally affect the condition of the skin. If you need assistance selecting the best product for your skin as it changes during the year contact one of our consultants who will be more than happy to assist you.

I’m feeling tired and saggy. Have you something that can help?

Absolutely. Our Serum especially targets tired and stressed skin. Use regularly whilst unwell or stressed and for as long as you require thereafter for the best results.

What’s the difference between the teenager range and the regular range?

Franc Clinic has been specially formulised to assist teenagers and young adults prone to pimples and oiliness.

Does it have any sun block factor in it?

No, not as yet. We are in the process of formulating a sun block factor with the correct SPF level so that the integrity and optimum texture of the range can be maintained.

Should I put my daily sun block on over the moisturizer, or the other way around?

It is best to cleanse, mist and moisturise before applying sun block. Make sure you cleanse your skin at night to allow skin to breathe again.

Does your company provide samples?

No, the company does not provide samples. Extensive research has gone into the formulation of each of our products and we are confident that you will be satisfied with the results.

My child has small amounts of eczema on his face. Are any of your products suitable for this?

There is nothing in the range specific for eczema. However, gentle use of our products is possible for children to keep skin clean, fresh and healthy. If you need assistance selecting the best product for your skin as it changes during the year contact one of our consultants who will be more than happy to assist you.

Why don’t you use glass packaging?

PET bottles and jars have been used for safety (reduced breakage) and convenience. PET packaging is recyclable and provides protection from UV degradation of the contents. The PET manufacturing process also requires less energy consumption than other forms of packaging, which is in line with Franc’s environmental policy.

Are Franc products tested on animals?


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