How you feel about yourself is so important as to how you lead your life. When you feel confident and beautiful life takes on a whole different meaning. You feel alive and full of the joys of life.

Tapping and Beauty – how does this work?

Tapping is such a simple and powerful tool to use on anything you want to release from your body, mind, and soul. And so many of us don’t feel beautiful. We struggle with this every day from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed. It is so easy to compare ourselves to others who look beautiful in our eyes, yet underneath all that you will find they are also struggling with their own sense of beauty.

It is time to change that in a whole new way. At a deeper level. Yes, it is important to use a great product range. However, that only touches the surface. If you don’t feel beautiful on the inside as well, the products won’t change how you feel about yourself. Well, they will on a superficial level. They will change how your skin looks and feels which is also important. However, having your gorgeous beauty routine (with Franc products, naturally!) isn’t going to cut the mustard.

This is where tapping comes in. When you get into the wonderful habit of tapping, it changes how you feel about yourself at a DNA level. This is life-changing as you begin to connect to what is holding you back from truly knowing how beautiful you are. You see what misperceptions you have and how you can release them. This is so freeing and liberating. Remember, my belief is that ‘when you feel beautiful you feel free’.

Let’s get you started

In the beginning, it can feel confusing and uncomfortable. I highly recommend you simply start and stick with it. The results are well worth it. I know from my own experience how I have changed and how different my life is. From the way I dress to my hairstyle and colour (yes, allowing it to go grey with pride), to how I feel, and how I portray myself to the world with so much more confidence and sense of self. Why wouldn’t you want that, too?

It is easy. Here is the diagram for you to follow:

tapping and beauty

  1. You create a starting point by identifying your problem. In this case not feeling beautiful. Then you create the setup statement ending in a positive, even if you don’t believe it. Once you have decided what you want to tap on, you begin by tapping on the Karate Chop (the outer edge of your palm opposite your thumb) and stating your statement three times.
  2. You then tap on the various points with the statement reminder using your second and third finger of whichever hand feels comfortable 5- 6 times.
  3. Finally, when it feels enough, pause and take a big breath and check in how you feel now. You may need to do a few rounds each time until you feel fully free.
  4. What is most important is getting started, not getting it right. When you feel you can’t do it perfectly this will hold you back. I know it did me for years. Start now.

Here is an example. Remember you can substitute your own words once you feel comfortable.

Even though I don’t feel beautiful, I completely and deeply love myself.
Even though I don’t know to feel beautiful, I completely and deeply accept myself.
Even though I don’t know if it is possible to love myself, I am willing to give it a go.

Start of the eyebrow: I don’t feel beautiful
Side of the eye: I never have
Under the eye: I am unsure how
Under the nose: It feels uncomfortable
Under the mouth: I feel so embarrassed
Collarbone: I will never feel beautiful
Under the arm: not like others I know
Top of the head: Or like those actresses and models in the magazines

Start of the eyebrow: I hate feeling like this
Side of the eye: It makes me feel so small
Under the eye: and unsure of myself
Under the nose: I hold myself back from getting out there
Under the mouth: and enjoying my life
Collarbone: and expressing myself the way I want to
Under the arm: the way I am meant to
Top of the head: I hate feeling like this

Stop, take a deep breath and check in with how you feel now. Then carry on with the following:

Start of the eyebrow: I want this to change
Side of the eye: I want to feel beautiful
Under the eye: I want to feel comfortable in myself
Under the nose: And know that I am beautiful
Under the mouth: Just the way I am
Collarbone: Because I am
Under the arm: I just need to let go of old perceptions and comparisons

Top of the head: It will be so freeing
Start of the eyebrow: When I feel how beautiful I am
Side of the eye: And know how beautiful I am
Under the eye: In fact, I know I am beautiful
Under the nose: I am attractive
Under the mouth: I feel confident in who I am
Collarbone: I love how I look
Under the arm: how I dress
Top of the head: and above all who I am

Stop, take a deep breath and check in with how you feel now. Either carry on or come back to it again at another time. Open yourself up to releasing this by saying:

I choose to know and feel how beautiful I am.

Change won’t happen overnight. However, this is a great start. I want nothing more than for you to feel beautiful. It is so empowering and life-changing.

If you want to learn more about tapping, have a look at my Unfold Your Tapping online course. In this course, you will find out why it’s invaluable to introduce tapping into your life. You will literally tap into an inner confidence and confidence you didn’t know you had. And of course, inner and outer beauty. It is there within. It simply needs to be tapped into.

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