Going on holiday is always exciting. New adventures. New experiences. Time away from our daily lives. Fun. Relaxation.

Question is what travel skincare do it take with you?

And that is what is happening for me. I’m off to India with my partner to photograph wildlife, in particular, tigers and their cubs. In addition, we’ll be visiting the Taj Mahal as it is being diffused in the ocean of moonlight of the full moon – a poetic and peaceful experience.

Nothing like a bit of romance I say as it’s considered to be one of the most romantic monuments in the world. It was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan after the death of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal and this white marble mausoleum is considered a monument to eternal love. And who doesn’t remember the image of a forlorn and sad Princess Diana?

Tips on how to care for your skin

And I know what I’ll pack is going to be crucial to keeping my skin glowing whilst away. In addition, there is a smaller weight limit once we get onto internal flights from 30 to 20kg. So it’s important for me to consider all aspects of my daily skincare routine.

Before I go

The evening before and on the day of my flight, I will be giving my skin some extra hydration with my Serum because I know the flights will dehydrate my skin. I’ll also exfoliate my skin so my skin is as fresh and clean as possible.

Save on space
As not all the products are the correct size for hand luggage (100ml) and I don’t want to make it too heavy, I’ll be decanting some of the products into smaller sizes.

On the plane

I always have my lemongrass mist handy as it’s refreshing and great as a deodorant due to its anti-bacterial properties. And I use the Body Melt for my hands after I’ve used the toilets. And because it smells so good. In addition, I drink plenty of water and wear no makeup. The Melt is also great for dry lips.

Before getting off the plane
Just before we land, I go and clean my teeth, give my face a quick mist, my hair a good brush and apply some colourful lipstick. This way I feel at least half human.

I know my skin changes with the delicious new foods I love to enjoy. For me, that is part of the fun. I find when I travel to Asian countries, my skin gets oilier. And of course, the food on the plane. That can play havoc with your skin. Where possible eat light, such as a salad.

Skin protection
Remember to protect your skin with a hat, umbrella and sunscreen. Each evening cleanse or exfoliate the day off your skin and apply either the Serum or moisturiser. I find I use a lighter one whilst I’m in warmer countries and a heavier one when visiting in the colder weather. They’ll become your best travel buddies.

Above all, it’s about enjoying your adventure.

And having fabulous time out with glowing skin, naturally, where possible. Because getting away from your daily life is just the medicine you need to re-energise, get you out of any funks you may be in, re-connect to our body, mind and soul. Furthermore, a holiday gives you a natural high and puts things into perspective.

Love to hear what you do. So, leave me a comment below telling us what wonderful journeys you are going on. ♥

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