Choices. And more choices. It can be hair pulling stuff working out which is the best face cream to use. 

You walk into a department store or pharmacy and immediately you are bombarded with all this information. Try this. Try that. You get frustrated because all you want to do is browse and have a look in your own time and in your own way. 

And when you are ready to ask some questions. Then the next onslaught comes: ‘Oh, and you will receive this amazing gift if you purchase all of that (at great cost, I might add)’. 

There is so much information out there about what products to use, which brands you should use and why. And it gets all so very confusing. So you put it off again. And again.
 Or even make a rushed and expensive purchase that you later regret.

So which face cream should you use?

Well, I am here to the rescue. Someone recently asked me again about the difference between my moisturisers and all the brands out there. It’s a minefield. Everywhere you go and look you are bombarded. Furthermore, since I developed and created Franc 12 years ago there are so many more amazing ranges have come onto the market.

Naturally, the next question was: which one should she use on her skin. She wanted to make sure she was going to purchase the best one and how did my face creams work.

This is how and why Franc was born. When I was developing Franc I found there was so much information to sift through, so many varying opinions and a huge variety of skin types. It was overwhelming. If I was overwhelmed, how many of you were as well?

And what did I want when I was already busy in my life with too much on my to-do list? A range that was easy to use, reliable and effective. Easy done. I will create my own.

In the end, what it boiled down to was paring it all down. That was what was most important after chatting with trusted friends and clients. All mentioned they wanted the same as me: something they could trust, that worked and was effective. And above all simple and easy to use. 

They didn’t want to have to stand in their bathroom looking at the plethora of products that had been recommended (with a lot of insistence pushiness and $$$$$!) and wonder how to use them. Or even which came first and what was for what.

Firstly: What is the importance of a lovely face cream?

As you know. regular moisturising keeps your skin looking healthy, youthful, balanced with a beautiful glow. It also keeps your skin plump, soft and smooth. And above all what we all love it that it helps prevent and reduce those fine lines and wrinkles that have a habit of creeping up on us.

Furthermore, age doesn’t apply here, or only in the amount that would need to be used. My Mum, who is now nearly ninety, will obviously use a lot more, than my 27-year-old niece. However, my niece still needs to maintain moisture levels in her already beautiful skin. And fortunately, she listens to her Aunty!

In addition, our skin changes regularly due to stress, illness, environment, time of the month, diet, alcohol imbibed, and as we go through the various stages of our lives. No matter our age we all want to look and feel beautiful. When I go and visit my Mum at her residence, she always likes to brush her hair and apply some lipstick. Even though all we are doing is walking to the communal dining room.

No matter our age, we all encounter dryness to some extent or other in our lives.

That can be due to the above, in addition to sunbathing, and not removing make up each day. Sounds so obvious, yet many people do not hydrate their skin enough. I didn’t when I was young as my skin was always healthy and needed little care. Or so I thought.

Then my skin began to change as my age did. It became oily as I transitioned into menopause in my early 40’s. And then after  a 3-hour operation, my skin decided to seriously play up and needed a lot more moisturising than usual to restore it back to normal. 
So, please no matter how busy you are, do keep looking after your skin regularly. For more on moisturising, watch this video.

Secondly: Skin types
What skin type are you?

This is a guide to get you on your way. Click on each skin type heading to take you to the shop and see what Franc products will give you the best results. 


Normal skin is perfectly balanced; being not too oily, or too dry.  People with normal skin types generally have no concerns with their skin as their skin is clear with very few or no blemishes. Normal skin tone or colour is even with small pores. Skin looks healthy with a radiant glow, it feels smooth and is soft to the touch. People with a normal skin type are blessed and often the envy of many! Use Franc Replenish.


Dry skin is lacking in either sebum or moisture or both.  Because sebum limits moisture loss by evaporation from the skin, skin with insufficient sebum can rapidly lose moisture, leading to dehydration, which is a common skin condition.  The texture of your skin is coarse and thin, often with patches of flakiness and roughness.

Your skin can look and feel tight. Lines and wrinkles will show from an early age, particularly around the eyes and mouth.  Dry skin can also suffer from sensitivity, and likely to develop broken capillaries.  People with dry skin feel the need to put more and more moisture on their skin and will commonly describe their skin as tight, particularly after being in the shower. Use Franc Replenish and Serum


Sensitive skin has a combination of both oily and dry skin on the face.  The oily parts are generally the forehead through the nose to the chin, known as the T-zone. Normally a combination skin will have a tendency to be either a little oilier or drier, rather than a representation of both extremes.

Sensitive skin is a condition which can affect any skin but will usually accompany a dry skin type.  Characteristics of sensitive skin include high colouring, broken capillaries, there can be some flakiness and the skin can often feel warm to the touch; the person may suffer from hot flushes.

Skin can be sensitive to pressure or touch (go bright red after cleansing or a facial), heat and products. Skin can sometimes be so sensitive that it is irritated by external allergens, including chemicals in some cosmetics.  While Franc products are not guaranteed to be allergy free, every care has been taken to reduce the possibility of allergic reactions and sensitivities that can occur. Use Franc Sensitive.


Oily skin can have a greasy or shiny look.  This is caused by an over secretion of the sebaceous glands.  Skin can be uneven and thick with visible pores. And oily skin can have a tendency and the appearance of looking sluggish and congested.  You may or may not have blackheads and pimples. Use Franc Clinic.

I am available to answer any questions. Here’s my email address. Or comment below and I will get back to you. It’s important to have as much information as you can when making a decision. I want you to be able to get as much information as you need before you purchase or have a question to ask. Let’s keep it simple and hassle free!

Love this post? Or know someone who needs to read this? Please share away! I would also love to hear about your tapping experience. Leave me a comment below ♥

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